European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry

The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) is a consortium of academic institutions and industrial companies that acts co-operatively with the following aims:

  • To promote and support the use of mathematical models in any activity of social or economic importance.
  • To educate Industrial Mathematicians to meet the growing demand for such experts.
  • To operate on a European scale.
For some successful examples of mathematics applied to industry, visit our success stories page. To see what a European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) is like, use this link to see a short video from the ESGI 98 in Delft.

ECMI is pleased to support the creation in 2014 of the EU-MATHS-IN. This European Network of Networks aims to become a resource for both academics and industry working in industrial mathematics. In particular, this network now has a useful jobs page at


ECMI is run by a Council made up of representatives of 18 European countries which supports a network of institutional and individual members. The Council elects from its members a Board to take care of matters on a daily basis. Details about the organisation of ECMI and its statutes can be found here.

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25 Mar 2015

ECMI Blog launched

A new blog of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry started at

Latest information on ECMI and about the nodes will appear there.

20 Jan 2015

ECMI Newsletter 56

We are delighted to announce the release of the 56th ECMI Newsletter. The latest edition, along with previous editions, can be downloaded here.

The 56th edition of the Newsletter will be the last in the current format. All subsequent editions will consist of an annual report, with ongoing activities in the community being report via a regularly updated ECMI blog.

10 Nov 2014

Workshop announcement for Nanostructures for Photovoltaics and Energy Storage

Nanostructures for Photovoltaics and Energy Storage

This SIG focusses on the development of mathematical models and methods in building a theoretical basis for novel technologies in the sustainable and in particular renewable energy sector. Of special interest are developments relating to photovoltaic and other optoelectronic devices, electrochemical storage devices, or solar fuels, due to their practical interdependence but also due to the synergies in their underlying mathematical models.

More details about this SIG can be found in the meeting programme and on the group website.

December 8-9, 2014, Technical University Berlin, Institute of Mathematics
Room: MA 415 (Mathematics Building, 4th Floor)
Strasse des 17. Juni 136 10623 Berlin
Organizers:Annegret Glitzky (WIAS), Thomas Koprucki (WIAS), Andreas Münch (University of Oxford) Barbara Wagner (Technical University Berlin/WIAS)
Supported by ECMath, PVcomB, EPSRC, ECMI, TU Berlin and WIAS

15 Jul 2014

Workshop announcement for Shape and size in Medicine, Biotechnology and Materials Science SIG

Random Structures and Models in Medicine, Biotechnology, Materials Science and Environment

September 12, 2014
Department of Mathematics
Universita’ degli Studi di Milano
via Saldini 50, Milano, Italy

This workshop is an activity of the ECMI Special Interest Group “Shape and Size in Medicine, Biotechnology and Materials Science” (see and is aimed to give an overview to methods developed in Mathematical Morphology, Spatial Statistics, Stochastic Geometry, Numerical Analysis to model and to simulate random sets and functions with a spatial or geometrical structure. These models are useful in many applications where heterogeneous media, possibly evolving in time, appear, for instance materials, networks of vessels, evolution of pollutants, etc.
Both theoretical and applied results will be discussed.

All the talks are invited, but participation is free and encouraged.
Registration of participants is required for organizing reasons by September 7, 2014.

For further information please visit the web page of the workshop or contact

15 Jul 2014

2014 Wacker and Anile-ECMI Prizes Announced

The Wacker prize in 2014 was awarded to Kishan Patel who completed completed the MSc in Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modelling in 2012 at the University of Oxford. His dissertation on ‘Imaging with X-Ray Emitter Arrays’ was supervised by Raphael Hauser and sponsored by Radius Health.

In 2014, the third Anile-ECMI prize is awarded to Dr Paulo Pintus of Sculoa superior Sant’Anna in Pisa for his PhD theis entitled “Design of silicon based integrated optical devices using the finite element method”.

Further details can be found on the prizes webpage.

1 Jul 2014

ECMI 2016: Location and date announced

We are pleased to announce that the ECMI conference in 2016 will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain from 13-17 June.

13 Apr 2014

Kick-off meeting for Air Pollution SIG: call for participation

The  ECMI Special Interest Group on ”The mathematics of air pollution” holds it kick-off meeting on 26-27 May 2014 in Budapest, Eötvös Loránd University. For further information, consult the conference homepage.

16 Feb 2014

Kick-off meeting for the Digital Factories SIG: Call for participation

A kick-off meeting for the Digital Factories Special Interest Group (SIG) will be held in Berlin at WIAS from 7-9 May, 2014. The deadline for registration is 13 April, 2014. For more information about the worskshop, please visit Details about the SIG can be found here.

30 Aug 2013


Details of ESGI 97, 99, and 100 have been announced. See for further details.